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Loft warehouse Building for Sale

Located in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia, this 12,000 sq ft. loft style building contains an amazing third floor living space and raw space on the lower two floors. It originally was the Eskimo Knitting Mill and now is a well maintained building has many interesting features as well as many future uses. It currently serves as a loft style living space on the third floor and a commercial business on the lower two floors. The owner is selling the building and retiring, selling both building and business that is houses in the building. The business is being sold as an entity and will be moved out fo the building leaving the new owner the opportunity to do what they please with the spaces. The business and building are being sold separately, see further in this blog for information on business sale. Of course if you like, you can purchase the building and business and create a great live work situation.

Some of the living space features are, 360 views of Philadelphia and its skyline, energy-efficient radiant heating, African Mahogany doors, large open kitchen with custom build concrete countertop island perfect for entertaining, changing area with storage, large bath with tub and bidet, flowing living space , custom details throughout. The living space features 12’6″ to 15′ ceilings.

The third floor loft has been on HGTV, What you get for your money, in Philadelphia Magazine and used in commercials for Motorola as well a meeting space for artist.

  The address is 3016-3020 East Thompson St. Philadelphia, PA 19134 Lot size is 45’x140′ It is one block deep and a corner property.

The current asking price is $842,000 Price is negotiable  based on time frame. Just  finished NEW TPO roof with high end skylight in living area !!!

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Please contact the owner, Linda Mellish at 215-634-3474 or email at


Interior Photos of Living Space


More Third Floor Loft Photos

The Port Richmond Neighborhood of Philadelphia

The Port Richmond neighborhood is the location of the loft building for sale. Here is a brief history and overview of the area that gives you an appreciation of the history of the neighborhood and buildings.

In colonial times, most of today’s Port Richmond was owned by Anthony Palmer. Palmer put together various parcels of land starting around 1704. He named the estate he built “Hope Farm,” and in 1729 sold this estate to William Ball. Over time some manufacturing began at the southern end of “Hope Farm” and this area became known as Balltown. There were glass and textile concerns located there during the later part of the 18th century.

 During the 1800s, with the advent of the steam engine aboard ships, Port Richmond was a major terminus for colliers who received coal from the Reading Railroad facility at the port, and transported it to steam ships at other locations.

Port Richmond, at the beginning of the 20th century, was a working-class neighborhood, and most workers simply walked to their nearby workplaces with lunch pail in hand. Cars were not common and those who had them stored them in stables. Stables for horses and cars were located in various parts of the area. The neighborhood evolved into a melting pot of different ethnic backgrounds which formed the flavor of the area.

Today, Port Richmond is a vibrant neighborhood with a deep and proud cultural history encompassing several centuries. Stores, some located down side streets, are small and numerous because of the nature of the existing row home architecture where row homes and homefronts have been converted to use as stores. However, many of these stores and drinking establishments offer food, drink and charm which is unique to the neighborhood. There are many Polish delis and restaurants throughout the neighborhood, evidence of the Polish ethnic background of the neighborhood.

Port Richmond has developed and continues to be a vibrant and well-connected neighborhood to Center City Philadelphia. It has easy on and off access to I95, perfect for going to the airport, shopping, or to New york. The trolley also runs a few blocks from the building and connect you with the exciting neighborhoods of Fishtown and Northern Liberties. The neighborhood lends itself to developing the loft building into residential purposes, or mixed usage commercial and residential usages. The loft is the perfect place to come home to for the Center City professional or even business traveler that is looking for affordable space and luxury that is easily accessible to the region.

This building offers an excellent location and great value in real estate prices as well as growth opportunity.

Photos of Lower Floors

The lower two floors are raw space with many possibilities. It can be re-designed to accommodate more housing, condos or work spaces. Currently it is used for an architectural salvage business and the lower floor rear, the owners personal workshop. The lower two floors are divided into two heating zones. There currently are two bathrooms on the first floor with sink and toilet. Second floor ceiling heights of 12′ with windows on all sides. First floor ceiling hieghts of 10′ and 8′ in the back rear section with some natural light.


Architectural Salvage Business for Sale

ReStore of Philadelphia Inc. has been in business for 9 years in Philadelphia. They have  had the business name since August of 2002 and was incorporated in March of 2003. ReStore services the need for recycling and preserving architectural salvage and making them available for resale in the greater Philadelphia area.  The business is being sold with well established contacts and buyer base. Included in the sale are: name, contacts, email list of current customers who have requested a list of new materials and salvage weekly(currently near 4150 contacts) all inventory, corporate shares, website, blog,and all business records. The business would need to move from its current location because the building is for sale as well.

The business is being sold due to retirement.

The business has been involved in stories in Philly Mag, Philly Home, Style, Philadelphia Inquirer, Star, City Paper, Philadelphia Weekly, and Queen Village Crier. Also featured on website blogs, Angie’s list, ABC, CBS, NBC, Comcast, HGTV. All of this press has given a wide audience of knowing about ReStore and a positive image.

The store has been used for two music videos, Sustainable Business Network meeting, a film shot
 for a recorded interview for Kate McGinty with the PA Dept of Environmental Protection, Neighborhood Transformation Initiative meeting as well as other events.

Here is a link to the business website.

Here is a link to the blog that updates with new merchandise.

Here is a link to a video of the ReStore store which shows you the variety of merchandise.

How does ReStore work?

ReStore was set up to salvage materials that were being discarded and not recycled, they are cleaned, inventoried and stored for the public to come and purchase. There are many ways of collecting new items and all details can be discussed in person with the owner.

Restore, in its current location is limited due to size, even though there is 6000 sq. ft. of space. It would work well in another space perhaps with indoor an outdoor space and large entry doors. The owner has information on other possible locations in the city if needed.

Why does ReStore make sense?

As the green economy and people’s perception of recycling things grows, people have been looking to save items and salvage that would otherwise be thrown out in the past. Philadelphia and its surrounding areas are very historic and have an almost infinite supply of older durable materials that can be obtained from people remodeling or building being demolished. There is great potential for growth and this is the type of business that can be molded into what the owner wants the business to be.

What does ReStore focus on now?

ReStore has focused on usable house parts, anything that is “fixed” in a house or building. ReStore has focused on pre 1950’s materials, or materials that are made from good materials and things that can be used in older homes or in interesting ways in new homes.  ReStore has also focused on being affordable and useful to simple projects or the go to source for designers looking for something special for a project.

Who are ReStore’s customers?

People that come to ReStore are individuals that share an interest in recycled materials or are looking for something unique. ReStore considers it customers to be very insightful and a great mix like-minded people. It is always considered a pleasure  of the job and business to interact with them. Some of the customers have been movie set designers, people looking for display ideas for window fronts or for the flower show, people restoring historic houses, green builders, architects, builders, homeowners, or just someone looking for something unique.

Here is what some customers have said about ReStore.

“And I could spend hours at ReStore, a Philadelphia architectural salvage store. And I have. Armed with my tape measure and notebook and husband, I have lovingly run my hands over banisters that have lost their homes, and fingered glass tiles are no longer lining someone’s bathroom walls.”

“I came across a neat-looking shop in Philadelphia, ReStore, that sells previously used home items (whole doors and windows, doorknobs, furniture, etc.).”

“This shop offers two whole floors of shopping.  Why buy new when you can buy character?”

“Lucky for me though I ended up in a similar salvage on the other side of the city, in Port Richmond… I was in heaven… I didn’t even plan this! My friends and I visited Restore of Philadelphia (not to be confused with Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore) to reclaim more of the city for another upcycled project that will be shared soon. Of course, I was easily distracted by the rows of neatly organized old doors”

Also reviews on

ReStore is also very linked to other businesses that connect it with customers.

What do people who work at ReStore say?

“It is one of the best jobs I have had. Everyday is different and you never know what you are going to find in attics and basements. You also get to see a great variety of places in the Philadelphia area. It is also interesting learning about how buildings were made and materials used. Working at ReStore has given me a great appreciation for this building materials and how they are used and even has effected me in how   I build.”

     “It feels great to be saving so many things from the trash and finding new homes for them and being a part of it. It is a feel good job”

Business experts have valued the business at $250,000 It is being offered now for the valuable price of $150,000

Please contact the owner, Linda Mellish at 215-634-3474 or email at

Business Possibilities for ReStore

An architectural salvage business is great to own and operate but there are many other possibilities to custom fit this business to your liking and also to expand upon. Here are just a few possibilities that while we have been traveling the United States and world we have found succesful businesses incorporating these ideas.

1. Have a combination garden center, salvage business with a possible cafe. People can come and have a drink, eat a piece of cake and enjoy the atmosphere, buy some plants and get something for their house or garden.


2. Work with green builders or designers and establish a relationship to have custom installations, delivery of goods, and use salvaged material to find perfect new homes.


3. Have custom-made pieces in the store to sell, some found objects repurposed. This can incorporate your own creations or work with local artist and designers.


4. While ReStore of Philadelphia current focuses on useful household salvage, this business can be expanded to include furniture, cast iron radiators and many other things.

5. You can start online specialty sales for national or international delivery.

These are just a few ways to custom fit the business to your interest and direction you would like to go in. This well established business with a full range of clean, functioning merchandise  is a great way to get started!!!

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